Camouflaging Fashion Flaws

Camouflaging Fashion Flaws

We are so excited about the launching of the website (www.thearamide.com) and the blog. The Blog will be a way to connect with Aramide on fashion tips and advice. Aramide is also a fashion editor for This Day Style magazine in Nigeria.


Camouflaging Fashion Flaws

These days it’s getting rare to see someone with a perfect physique who hasn’t gotten any type of ‘work’ done, while everyone can’t afford the cost of cosmetic surgery there are things that can be done to ‘camouflage’ the way you look by wearing things that are flattering to your body type. One of the most important things to keep in mind is knowing and understanding your body type cause if you understand your body type half the battle is won.

For instance, if you are conscious of your mid-section; a great way to camouflage your look is by wearing a peplum top or fit and flare dresses. Peplum tops also help to emphasize the waist while balancing the figure of those with broad shoulders. Scoop and V-neck tops accentuate broad shoulders and wearing lower cut tops keeps the attention away from your shoulders, leading the eye down instead of from left to right.

Truth be told, there is no perfect body so stop fighting it and simply embrace what you have. One tip that can never go out of style is by accentuating the features you love about your body.Camouflaging is the easiestway to cover up body flaws. Instead of demonstrating your flaws, you can display them where they will do you good.

Fashionably yours;

Aramide “Now You Look Good”

Camouflaging Fashion Flaws. Different Looks and images .
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